tamara01 About the girl Tamara
Rockstar, Daydreamer, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Nutella Addict, Explorer,
Fashionista, Passionista, Nintendo Champion, Model, Blessed, Fun Seeker,
Professional High-Fiver, Uberdork, Resilient Optimist, Cappuccino Drinker, Pink Lover, Chucks Wearer.

About the model Tamara

Age: almost 15
Height: 1,60 cm (5’3″)
Weight: 49 kg, (108 lbs.)
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Size: 34, (4 US)
Shoe Size: 38, (8 US)

About the photographer
Conny Wenk is a lifestyle photographier and strong believer in the beauty and magic of the 47th chromosome.
Please visit her photography website at www.connywenk.com or her books & calendars website at www.alittleextra.de.

About the music
Music courtesy to the lovely and very talented Mindy Gledhill – “Indie singer & songwriter that will leave you floating like a scoop of vanilla cream in a strawberry soda.” Absolutely don’t miss to buy her album “Anchor”!!


Abouth the clothes and make-up

Skirt: Wolford
Top: RA-RE
Shoes: Peter Green
Coat: M Missoni
Dress: Micky, Paris
Golden Ballerinas: GAP
Black Ballerinas: Milano Mode
Black & White Dress: Kookai
Black T-Shirt: Sisley
Grey Hoodie: GAP loungewear
Flannel pants: GAP sleepwear
Flannel shorts: GAP sleepwear
Flowergirl Dress: Susanne Schönrok, Berlin

Mascara: Chanel Mascara Inimitable
Lipstick: Clinique Rose Aglow

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